Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I have done the whole blogging thing and i’m back and ready to ramble.

The last time I had a blog it was all about our journey through IVF and finding out who Amy Shaw was………..Do you ever really figure out who you are? That’s enough of the deep pondering for a while.

When I type I tend to imagine I’m speaking to someone I have never spoken to so I give them the cliff notes, ok maybe mountain notes, on everything Amy.

This is me enjoying my natural Habitat (coffee shop, enjoying some cake)

Me 2

This is Raymond (The Hubby)


These are our pups, Steve and Izzie (7 years old but will always be my pups)


And as I mentioned IVF I should share we fell pregnant in the end without IVF and what a beautiful surprise he is. Meet Hamish John Tees Shaw! All the best bits of Raymond and I in this cute little package.

me and hamish

Now the introduction is done and dusted I’ll crack on with my first post.

Thanks for reading.

Amy xx

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